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So what could be problematic about you smudging?

This zine has felt like a long time coming, this is a discussion that needs to happen as it hasn’t really been clear for many folks what is problematic about smudging, making their own dream catchers or wearing headdresses to booze-fueled music festivals. In this zine I try to convey as efficiently as possible why culture appropriation is absolute trash.

Many folks don’t see the issue with appropriating other cultures and often say “well what’s the big deal?” which is something that makes me feel like I’m gonna puke in my mouth when I hear it. It’s a big deal for many and it’s time that we start stomping out the idea of cultural appropriation for commercial gain. The profiting off of the reclaimed cultural elements of Indigenous cultures is deeply problematic, especially as many Indigenous communities are in the fight to preserve what has been stolen.

Read my annoyance in print form and then send it to your local shop that insist that it’s not a big deal that they sell cheap dream catchers and smudging items.

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