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Did you actually think Canada learned from the horrors of residential schools???

Coming in at number three is a zine about another atrocity that many consider to be ongoing, The Sixties Scoop. I find that a few more people around me know about this atrocity more than the others discussed because the media has been talking a bit about it. The conversation seems to centre around Indigenous folks getting compensated for what occurred and where there is news that Indigenous people will receive compensation for some awful thing the government did, the trolls will be out saying "how bad can it be?" or the classic "THAT WAS SO LONG AGO HOW CAN IT EVEN MATTER?!"


The Sixties Scoop was just a less obvious extension of the attempts at assimilation that was occurring in the residential school system. The results were equally destructive and many Indigenous people feel that the practices of child welfare agencies within Canada are no better than they were decades ago. I suspect I will one day be writing a zine titled The Millennium Scoop because of course I will be because what is actually changing in all of this?


While the residential school min zine was the one to really make feel like I couldn't stop crying, creating this zine was the one to really make me feel sick to my stomach. I felt that much of what I was writing was mirroring the experiences I had read while creating the first zine and the reality that this systemic racism and assimilation happens in one form or another at all times in Canada is heartbreaking and vile.

This zine is 18 full colour pages and packed with information on the Sixties Scoop and a time when children (once again) were taken from their parents and communities and placed in the care of non-Indigenous communities. After reading this, I hope that everyone asks themselves:

When will this stop?

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