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Jenna Rose is an Nehiyaw/Anishinaabe/Lenape woman who grew up and currently resides in London, Ontario, Canada. Jenna Rose is a mum to the wild, kind and sweet Olive who is obsessed with kitties, Pusheen and Drag Performers. 

Jenna Rose has two brothers who travel and sing on the pow-wow trail as the Eagle Flight Singers, she is immensely proud of their voices and dedication to continuing to sing the songs of their father, the late Gordon Nicotine. Jenna Rose is the daughter of the fierce and ever wise Gail and they are more alike in temperament, humour and sass then they realize. Jenna Rose's first ideas of what is community came from spending much of her childhood on the pow-wow trail dancing with her rad cousins and friends.

Jenna Rose has the incredible honour of holding the position of Executive Director of SafeSpace London, a drop-in resource space for sex workers, womxn and gender nonconforming folxs who are in crisis and/or at the street-level. Passionate about community advocacy and change, Jenna Rose has spent 2022/2023 collaborating with the feisty likes of The Forgotten 519 in loudly demanding the City of London address the dire housing crisis the city finds itself in.

In her down time, Jenna Rose enjoys laughing with her wild babe and partner Mark as well as mastering a wide variety of skills such as baking, cooking, knitting, painting, sewing, canning and photography.


Pow wows, corn soup, snuggling her sweet little babe, intersectional politics, scone dogs, cats, bright colours, beadwork she could never make, hand drum songs, Sci-fi movies, books, drawing, coffee, dancing, lovely people, beautiful handwriting, reading & hiking, cows, seals, chubby animals.


mean people, terfs, swerfs, jerks, bigots, guns, inequity, when people invert the N or B on commercial signs, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, racism,  spiders, black licorice, steel wool, stuff in the bottom of the sink, bucket hats and baggy socks.

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