A wackadoo collection of online reviews of Indigenous spaces, lands and organizations...

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8 pages

7 pages of wild reviews and amazing visuals

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Awhile back, I was looking online for the details about a local-ish Pow Wow so of course, I Googled it. When I found what I was looking for, I noticed that the event had some reviews and me seemingly being an emotional masochist, I decided to read them.
Would you my dear reader be surprised that this review was wildly wackadoo and seeping with privilege that I could tell the reviewer was not remotely aware of. This initial review sent me down a hole of looking at reviews of Indigenous lands, events and organizations and I began to see that despite it being 2020, a lot of folks out there seem to still feel that Indigenous peoples, their lands and events are still for non-Indigenous and for their delight.

This zine is a small collection of my favourite (???) reviews or the ones that made my jaw drop.

This little number is an excellent companion to Mini Zine #1, before you enter Indigenous spaces and our events, give them both a read.