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The Marrow Thieves

Have you read this book by the great Cherie Dimaline? I have, twice in the last few months.

This great book is classified as Indigenous Sci-Fi and I have to say, I was pretty delighted to read a book where I actually felt this joy of representation. The characters, their slang is the slang I hear in my family. Gah, I can't tell you how much I need to hear more Indigenous voices. Anyway. Cherie is a great storyteller and because she's such a great storyteller, she's won numerous awards and is darting all over the place being fabulous! Cherie is the 2019 Writer in Residence for The London Public Library and Western University and The Marrow Thieves is the 2019 One Book One London selection!


With all this great news also comes some great programming at the library, if you're in the area, please check out these workshops and talks that myself and my excellent friend Sara Mai Chitty are getting to facilitate. Check out all the programming for the Winter session in the library's Access Magazine HERE. In closing, I'll leave you with the image I created from the imagery I saw in my brain while reading The Marrow Thieves. This image is being used for the promotional aspects of the One Book One London initiative!

A mixed media piece based on the book The Marrow Thieves. Images of beakers with liquid in them, stylistic collaged clouds and silhouettes of 10 people. Accents of stylized drawn feathers and a dreamcatcher
2018, Mixed Media, ©Jenna Rose Sands


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